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Optical coherence tomography-guided classification of epiretinal membranes

Konidaris V1, Androudi S, Alexandridis A, Dastiridou A, Brazitikos P.

期刊名称:Int Ophthalmol

卷期:2015 Aug;35(4):495-501



 To study and classify epiretinal membranes (ERMs) based on spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) findings. One hundred and twelve patients with ERMs were examined clinically and underwent OCT examination. The anatomical structure of the macula and vitreoretinal interface was studied. ERMs were classified in two categories: A, with posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) (91 cases), and B, with the absence of PVD (21 cases). Category A was divided into two subcategories: A1, without contraction of the ERM (37 cases), and A2, with the presence of membrane contraction (54 cases). A2 was further subdivided into A2.1, with retinal folding (15 cases), A2.2, with edema (23 cases), A2.3, with cystoid macular edema (9 cases), and A2.4, with lamellar macular hole (7 cases). Category B was divided in two subcategories: B1, without vitreomacular traction (VMT) (4 cases), and B2, with the presence of VMT (17 cases). Category B2 was subdivided into B2.1, with edema (9 cases), B2.2, presenting retinal detachment (5 cases), and B2.3, with schisis (3 cases). OCT classification of ERMs provides useful information on the anatomical structure of the retina, and the accurate estimation of vitreoretinal interface.


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