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A Comparison of Breast Milk and Sucrose in Reducing Neonatal Pain During Eye Exam for Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Şener Taplak A1, Erdem E2.

期刊名称:Breastfeed Med.

卷期:2017 Apr 17




This double-blind randomized controlled experimental study aimed to determine the effects of breast milk and sucrose in reducing pain in preterm infants during retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) examination.


This study was conducted with 60 preterm infants (breast milk group = 20, sucrose group = 20, and control/distilled water group = 20) meeting the inclusion criteria. The data were collected with the use of an Infant Evaluation Form, Procedure Monitoring Form, and Premature Infant Pain Profile (PIPP). The preterm infants were provided with 1 mL of breast milk, sucrose, and distilled water before the ROP examination. The pain level in preterm infants was measured by the PIPP 5 minutes before, during, and 5 minutes after the ROP examination. The ROP examinations were video recorded, and videos were evaluated by three observers blinded to the study.


No significant difference was determined between the three groups in terms of their postconceptional and postnatal ages, their body weights at birth and during the ROP examination. The PIPP scores of the preterm infants in the three groups were higher during the ROP examination and were not significantly different. The PIPP scores of the control group were significantly higher than those in the breast milk and sucrose groups after the ROP examination (p < 0.001). The preterm infants in the breast milk group recovered and returned to their initial values more quickly after the ROP examination than the infants in the sucrose group.


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