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Chen P, Cai X, Xu L, Zhang J, Yang Y, Gao Q, Ge J, Yu K, Zhuang J

期刊名称:Acta Ophthalmologica



摘要:目的:确定高度近视患者采用眼后房手术晶状体植入胶原镜(ICL)手术是否阻碍视网膜血管的氧饱和度。方法:ICL植入术前后采用Oxymap T1视网膜血氧计测量视网膜血管的平均血样饱和度和直径,纠正高度近视的屈光不正(i.e. -6.00-20.25[D])。结果:17个患者的17只眼睛术后1周(对比术前测量的结果),Oxymap T1视网膜血氧计测到视网膜静脉氧饱和度很小且明显减少。ICL植入一周后,患者视网膜血管直径对比术前的测量结果持续减少。ICL术后1个月,血样饱和度和视网膜血管直径恢复到术前的水平。另外,血样饱和度和视网膜血管直径在术前和术后一周没有显著性差别。结论:Oxymap T1视网膜血氧计检测到的血氧饱和度稳定水平说明ICL植入术对高度近视患者的视网膜血氧饱和度没有持久的影响和不良反应。

PURPOSE:To determine whether posterior chamber phakic implantable collamer lens (ICL) surgery in high myopia patients impedes oxygen saturation of retinal vessels.METHODS:Mean oxygen saturation and diameter in retinal blood vessels were measured before and after ICL implantation surgery to correct high myopia refractive errors (i.e. -6.00 to -20.25 dioptres [D]), using an Oxymap T1 retinal oximeter.RESULTS:In 17 eyes of 17 patients, the Oxymap T1 retinal oximeter detected a small but significant decrease in oxygen saturation of retinal venules, 1-week postoperatively (compared to preoperative measurements). Moreover, at 1week after ICL implantation, the diameter of patient retinal vessels had consistently contracted, compared to preoperative measurements. By 1month after ICL surgery, however, both the oxygen saturation and retinal vessel diameter had returned to preoperative levels. Otherwise, no statistically significant difference in oxygen saturation and diameter of retinal arterioles was found when comparing their measurements before and 1week after implantation.CONCLUSION:Stable levels of oxygen saturation in retinal vessels, as detected by the Oxymap T1 oximeter, show ICL implantation would not leave lasting impact or adverse effects to retina oxygen saturation in high myopia patients.



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