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Yin Y, Gong L

期刊名称:Acta Ophthalmologica




目的:评价眼皮转运结膜炎患者(BKC)和健康人群以及睑板腺功能不良(MGD)导致的干眼患者(EDE)的睑板腺功能,形态和相关病史。方法:22个亚洲成年BKC患者的22只眼作为BKC组。健康受试者和MGD-导致的EDE患者以1:1的比例参与实验,将三组的年龄、性别也进行比较。检查包括睑脂质量、睑板腺的描述性研究、睑板腺缺失以及相关眼部表面测试,并记录相关病史。结果:BKC组相比于正常组(睑板腺囊肿,p=0.007,眼睑手术,p<0.001)EDE(睑板腺囊肿,p=0.031;眼睑手术,p=0.005)的睑板腺囊肿(OR 4.5995% CI 1.29-16.33)和眼睑手术(OR 4.9195% CI 1.33-18.21)的发生率高。BKC组相对于正常组所有的临床指标都更严重(p<0.05)。EDE组的眼睑质量较好(p=0.049),比BKC组睑板腺缺失较少(p<0.05)。在三组中BKC睑板腺缺失最为严重,所有组都分布在睑板(p>0.05)。结论:BKC患者的睑板腺功能差,形态不完整并且与健康人群相比病例与睑板腺高度相关。BKC患者睑脂质量和睑板腺缺失的临床表现与MGD不同。

PURPOSE:To evaluate the meibomian gland function, morphology and the related medical history of patients with blepharokeratoconjunctivitis (BKC) in comparison with healthy population and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)-induced evaporative dry eye (EDE) patients.METHODS:Twenty-two eyes of 22 Asian adult patients with BKC were enrolled as the BKC group. Healthy volunteers and MGD-induced EDE patients were recruited in a 1:1 ratio and were matched in age, and the gender compositions of the three groups were also comparable. Examinations included meibum quality, meibomian gland expressibility, meibomian gland dropout and relevant ocular surface tests. Related medical history was recorded.RESULTS:The BKC group had higher incidences of chalazion (OR 4.59, 95% CI 1.29-16.33) and eyelid surgery (OR 4.91, 95% CI 1.33-18.21) than the control group (chalazion, p=0.007; eyelid surgery, p<0.001) and EDE group (chalazion, p=0.031; eyelid surgery, p=0.005) had. All clinical indexes were worse in the BKC group than in the control group (all p<0.05). The EDE group had better meibum quality (p=0.049) and less meibomian gland dropouts (all p<0.05) than the BKC group. The dropouts of the BKC group were the highest among the three groups, and the distribution over the tarsal plate was even in the BKC group (all p>0.05).CONCLUSIONS:Patients with BKC had worse meibomian gland function, poorer morphology and a higher rate of medical histories related to the meibomian gland than the healthy population. The BKC clinical features of meibum quality and meibomian gland dropout were different from other MGD diseases.



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