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Shoji, T., Zangwill, L.M., Akagi, T., et al.

期刊名称:American journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在描述原发性开角型青光眼(POAG),疑似青光眼和健康眼黄斑血管密度损失率。设计:青光眼研究诊断创新纵向,观察性队列。方法:110只眼(32POAG30只疑似青光眼,38只健康眼)随访至少1年,其中包括至少2次光学相干断层扫描血管造影(OCT-A)成像。计算黄斑表层中血管密度。使用一种多变量线性混合效应模型比较诊断组的变化率。结果:健康眼基线黄斑血管密度最高,其次为疑似青光眼和POAG眼(P <0.01)。POAG眼的血管密度损失率显着不同,但在疑似青光眼或健康眼中不显着。青光眼黄斑血管密度平均变化(-2.23%/y)明显高于疑似青光眼(0.87/ yP = 0.001)或健康眼(0.29/ y P = 0.004)。相反,任何诊断组的神经节细胞复合物(GCC)厚度变化率没有显着差异,诊断组间GCC变化率无明显差异。结论:平均随访不到14个月,与疑似青光眼或健康眼相比,POAG眼的黄斑血管密度损失率明显更快。系列OCT-A测量还可检测到GCC厚度无变化眼黄斑血管密度变化。

PURPOSE:To characterize the rate of macula vessel density loss in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), glaucoma-suspect, and healthy eyes.DESIGN:Longitudinal, observational cohort from the Diagnostic Innovations in Glaucoma Study.METHODS:One hundred eyes (32 POAG, 30 glaucoma-suspect, and 38 healthy) followed for at least 1 year with optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) imaging on at least 2 visits were included. Vessel density was calculated in the macula superficial layer. The rate of change was compared across diagnostic groups using a multivariate linear mixed-effects model.RESULTS:Baseline macula vessel density was highest in healthy eyes, followed by glaucoma-suspect and POAG eyes (P < .01). The rate of vessel density loss was significantly different from zero in the POAG, but not in the glaucoma-suspect or healthy eyes. The mean rate of change in macula whole en face vessel density was significantly faster in glaucoma eyes (-2.23%/y) than in glaucoma-suspect (0.87%/y, P = .001) or healthy eyes (0.29%/y, P = .004). Conversely, the rate of change in ganglion cell complex (GCC) thickness was not significantly different from zero in any diagnostic group, and no significant differences in the rate of GCC change among diagnostic groups were found.CONCLUSIONS:With a mean follow-up of less than 14 months, eyes with POAG had significantly faster loss of macula vessel density than either glaucoma-suspect or healthy eyes. Serial OCT-A measurements also detected glaucomatous change in macula vessel density in eyes without evidence of change in GCC thickness.



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