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大型人群中青光眼,焦虑和抑郁症之间的关联 The Association Between Glaucoma, Anxiety, and Depression in a Large Population

Zhang, X., Olson, D.J., Le, P., Lin, F.C., Fleischman, D., Davis, R.M.

期刊名称:American journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在探讨青光眼与各种焦虑,抑郁症之间的关系。设计:回顾性病例对照研究。方法:设置:北卡罗来纳大学医院和门诊部。研究人群:200871日至201510118岁以上的患者。观察过程:使用国际疾病分类代码来确认青光眼以及焦虑和抑郁症病例。预后指标:计算青光眼和焦虑和抑郁的OR值。结果:共筛查出4439518例患者,其中青光眼11234例(0.3%),焦虑96527例(2.2%),抑郁症103 476例(2.3%)。青光眼和焦虑的调整后OR10.695%可信区间[CI] 10.0-11.0),青光眼和抑郁的调整后OR12.395CI 11.8-12.9)。青光眼伴随焦虑和抑郁的可能性并没有随年龄而改变(P = 0.088P =0 .736)。结论:青光眼与各种焦虑和抑郁之间存在统计学显著相关性。

PURPOSE:To investigate the association between glaucoma and each of anxiety and depression.DESIGN:Retrospective case-control study.METHODS:Settings: University of North Carolina hospitals and outpatient clinics.STUDY POPULATION:All patients over the age of 18 years seen between July 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015 were included.OBSERVATION PROCEDURE:International Classification of Diseases codes were used to identify cases of glaucoma, as well as anxiety and depression.OUTCOME MEASURE:Odds ratios (OR) were calculated for glaucoma and each of anxiety and depression. OR were also calculated for above diagnoses separated by age group and sex.RESULTS:A total of 4 439 518 patients were screened, of which 11 234 (0.3%) have glaucoma, 96 527 (2.2%) have anxiety, and 103 476 (2.3%) have depression. The adjusted OR was 10.6 (95% confidence interval [CI] 10.0-11.0) for glaucoma and anxiety and 12.3 (95% CI 11.8-12.9) for glaucoma and depression. The likelihood of having anxiety and depression along with glaucoma did not change with age (P= .088, P= .736).CONCLUSION:There was a statistically significant association between glaucoma and each of anxiety and depression.


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