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有无中心孔后房人工晶状体植入后角膜内皮细胞密度和形态比较 Comparison of corneal endothelial cell density and morphology after posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens implantation with and without a central hole

Goukon, H., Kamiya, K., Shimizu, K., Igarashi, A.

期刊名称:The British journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在比较有无中心孔(ICL)后房人工晶状体(孔植入性collamer晶体和传统的ICL)植入术矫正中高度近视后角膜内皮细胞。方法:这项回顾性分析对34例接受ICL植入患者的34只眼,25例接受常规ICL植入患者的25只眼进行了研究。我们使用一种非接触性角膜内皮显微镜(EM-3000Tomey)比较了两组间术前,术后3个月,术后1年和2年的中央角膜内皮细胞密度(ECD),细胞大小变异系数(CV)和六角形细胞百分比(HEX)。结果:孔ICL和常规ICL植入后2年的平均中心ECD缺失率分别为0.3%和1.1%(Mann-Whitney U检验,P = 0.72)。 孔植入性ICL或常规ICL植入后任何时间点的中央ECDCVHEX均无显着变化,而常规ICL植入后仅在ECD方面显着降低。结论:两种ICL均不诱发术后2年角膜内皮细胞密度,多形性发生显着变化,然而,与常规ICL植入相比,孔植入性IC入可能仅在上部区域的密度方面具有优势,这可能是因为术前激光虹膜切除术不是必要的。

AIM:To compare the corneal endothelial cells after posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens with and without a central hole (hole implantable collamer lens (ICL) and conventional ICL) implantation for the correction of moderate to high myopia.METHODS:This retrospective study evaluated 34 eyes of 34 patients who underwent hole ICL implantation and 25 eyes of 25 patients who underwent conventional ICL implantation. Preoperatively and 3months, and 1 and 2years postoperatively, we compared the central corneal endothelial cell density (ECD), coefficient of variation in cell size (CV) and the percentage of hexagonal cells (HEX) between the two groups using a non-contact specular microscope (EM-3000, Tomey). Preoperatively and 2years postoperatively, we also compared them in the peripheral regions.RESULTS:The mean central ECD loss was 0.3% and 1.1%, 2years after hole ICL and conventional ICL implantation, respectively (Mann-Whitney U test, p=0.72). There were no significant changes in central ECD, CV or HEX at any time points either after hole ICL or conventional ICL implantation, and a significant decrease only in terms of ECD in the superior regions after conventional ICL implantation.CONCLUSIONS:Both ICLs do not induce a significant change in the density, polymegethism or polymorphism of corneal endothelial cells even 2years postoperatively, except for the density in the superior regions after conventional ICL implantation. However, hole ICL implantation may have advantages over conventional ICL implantation only in terms of the density in the superior regions, possibly because preoperative laser iridotomies are unnecessary.


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