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Sawada, A., Manabe, Y., Yamamoto, T., Nagata, C.

期刊名称:The British journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在评估正常眼压性青光眼(PPG)的长期临床病程。方法:回顾性分析130例初诊为正常眼压性青光眼患者的130只眼,随访至少5年,采用标准自动视野检查进行视野检查(VF)。当三次或更多次连续的检查中VF缺陷(VFD)符合Anderson-Patella标准,并且在随后的检查中始终符合标准时,我们得出青光眼VFD的结论。评估发展VFD的预测因素。结果:随访期间71只眼(54.6%)出现青光眼VFD。平均偏差斜率从-0.900.41dB /年不等。 Cox比例风险模型显示,具有较大的初始模式SDp = 0.005),视盘出血(p = 0.022),在发生VFD之前较高的平均眼内压(IOP)(p = 0.039)和发展VFD相关。结论:我们的研究结果证实,平均眼压,而不是眼压波动,与PPG病例的VFD发展密切相关。

AIMS:To evaluate the long-term clinical course of normotensive preperimetric glaucoma (PPG).METHODS:We retrospectively analysed 130 eyes of 130 patients initially diagnosed as having preperimetric normal tension glaucoma and followed these cases for at least 5 years with reliable visual field (VF) examinations by standard automated perimetry. When the VF defect (VFD) met Anderson-Patella's criteria on three or more consecutive examinations, and consistently met the criteria on subsequent examinations, we concluded that a glaucomatous VFD was present. Predictive factors for developing a VFD were assessed.RESULTS:Seventy-one eyes (54.6%) developed a glaucomatous VFD during the follow-up period. The mean deviation slope varied from -0.90 to 0.41dB/year. A Cox proportional hazard model showed that having a greater initial pattern SD (p=0.005), the presence of optic disc haemorrhage (p=0.022) and higher mean intraocular pressure (IOP) prior to developing a VFD (p=0.039) were related to developing a VFD.CONCLUSIONS:Our findings confirmed that the mean IOP, but not the IOP fluctuation, is strongly associated with the development of a VFD in cases of PPG.


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