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Iftikhar, M., Junaid, N., Lemus, M., et al.

期刊名称:American journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在确定美国(US)的国家估计值,人口统计学和住院患者眼部护理成本。设计:回顾性横断面研究。方法:使用全国住院患者样本(NIS),全美国社区的一个代表性样本,分析2001年至2014年住院患者的主要眼科诊断情况。确定最普遍诊断的国家估计值,并对人口统计学和成本进行描述性统计。结果:从2001年到2014年,因年均眼科疾病患病率为16/ 10万人,估计美国有671324名住院患者(男性患者,51.6;平均[标准差]年龄,44.5 [27.3]岁)。中大西洋地区的比例最高。绝大多数患者是非创伤性疾病(75.3%),分类为紧急事件(41.8%),医保保险覆盖48.9%。中位住院时间为2天,死亡率为0.2%。通货膨胀调整后的14年总成本为59亿美元。最常见的诊断是眼眶蜂窝组织炎(14.5%),其次是眶底骨折(9.6%)和眼睑脓肿(6.0%)。大多数诊断具有传染性(28.0%),大部分为外部疾病(24.3%)。31.1%的患者进行了眼科手术,其中平坦部玻璃体切除术(4.8%)最常见。结论:美国每年约有48000名眼科住院患者,每年花费4.21亿美元。眼眶病理学,即感染和创伤,是入院的主要原因。实施干预措施以降低这些疾病的发生率可能会大大减轻住院眼科护理的负担。

PURPOSE:To determine the national estimates, demographics, and costs of inpatient eye care in the United States (US).DESIGN:Retrospective cross-sectional study.METHODS:National Inpatient Sample (NIS), a representative sample of all US community hospitals, was used to analyze inpatient admissions with a primary ophthalmic diagnosis from 2001 to 2014. National estimates of the most prevalent diagnoses were determined, and descriptive statistics were calculated for demographics and costs.RESULTS:From 2001 to 2014, there were an estimated 671 324 inpatient admissions (male patients, 51.6%; mean [standard deviation] age, 44.5 [27.3] years) in the US owing to an ophthalmic disorder-an annual rate of 16 per 100 000 population. The Mid-Atlantic region had the highest rate. Most admissions were owing to nontraumatic disorders (75.3%), classified as emergencies (41.8%), and covered by public insurance (48.9%). The median length of stay was 2 days and mortality was 0.2%. The total inflation-adjusted cost over the 14-year period was $5.9 billion. The most prevalent diagnosis was orbital cellulitis (14.5%), followed by orbital floor fracture (9.6%) and eyelid abscess (6.0%). Most diagnoses were infectious (28.0%) and the majority were attributed to external disease (24.3%). A total of 31.1% of all patients had an ophthalmic procedure, pars plana vitrectomy (4.8%) being the most common one.CONCLUSION:There were around 48 000 ophthalmic inpatient admissions in the US costing $421 million every year. Orbital pathology, namely infection and trauma, was the leading cause of admissions. Implementing interventions to decrease the incidence of these conditions may significantly reduce the burden of inpatient ophthalmic care.


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