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Chan, T.C., Wang, Y.M., Yu, M., Jhanji, V.

期刊名称:The British journal of ophthalmology


角膜 层析 圆锥


摘要:目的:旨在比较角膜层析成像和角膜动态反应测量在正常和圆锥角膜的诊断能力。方法:招募连续的II-III级圆锥角膜患者和年龄匹配的正常人。使用PentacamOculus Optikger teWetzlar,德国)和CorvisOculus Optikger te)进行角膜成像。使用Corvis软件测试版本,包括3个附加参数:弧长的最大变化值,变形幅度(DA)比1DA2.使用受试者工作特征曲线评估两种设备区分正常和圆锥形角膜眼的诊断能力( ROC)。比较Corvis各项参数特异度≥80ROC曲线下面积(AUC)和部分AUCpAUC)和Belin / Ambrosio增强扩张显示(BAD)的最终D值。结果:共包括42例患者的42只眼,其中21例圆锥角膜患者,21例正常人。两组年龄相匹配(p = 0.760)。 ROC分析显示BAD最终D值的AUC0.994)和pAUC0.194)最大。Corvis参数中的最大反转半径的AUC0.954)最高,但pAUC0.158)相对较低,而DA2AUC0.946)第二大,pAUC0.177)最大。与DA1p0.162)和DA2p0.208)相比,BADAUCpAUC无显着性差异。结论:本研究结果提示Corvis测量有可能区分圆锥角膜和正常眼。 Corvis新参数的诊断能力与Pentacam相当。

AIM:To compare the diagnostic ability of corneal tomography and corneal dynamic response measurements in normal and keratoconus eyes.METHODS:Consecutive patients with grade II-III keratoconus and age-matched normal subjects were recruited. Corneal imaging was performed using Pentacam (Oculus Optikger te, Wetzlar, Germany) and Corvis (Oculus Optikger te). A beta version of Corvis software was used with three additional parameters: maximal change of arc length, deformation amplitude (DA) ratio 1 and DA ratio 2. Diagnostic ability of both devices to differentiate normal and keratoconus eyes was evaluated using receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) curves. The areas under the ROC curve (AUC) and partial AUC (pAUC) for specificity 80% for each parameter of Corvis and final D value of Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia Display (BAD) were compared.RESULTS:Forty-two eyes of 42 patients (21 patients with keratoconus and 21 normal subjects) were included. Both groups were age matched (p=0.760). The ROC analysis showed that the final D value of BAD had the highest AUC (0.994) and pAUC (0.194). Maximum inverse radius had the highest AUC (0.954) but a relatively lower pAUC (0.158), while DA ratio 2 had the second highest AUC (0.946) together with the highest pAUC (0.177) among Corvis parameters. There was no significant difference between AUC and pAUC of BAD compared with those of DA ratio 1 (p0.162) and DA ratio 2 (p0.208).CONCLUSIONS:The results of our study suggest that Corvis measurements have the potential to differentiate keratoconus and normal eyes. The diagnostic ability of novel parameters on Corvis was comparable to Pentacam.


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