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Maskin, S.L., Testa, W.R.

期刊名称:The British journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在探讨睑板腺探查(MGP)对梗阻性睑板腺功能障碍(o-MGD)患者上睑睑板腺(MG)区的影响。方法:对o-MGD患者的MGP/后非接触式红外显像检查结果进行了回顾性研究,在总测量区中观察到MG生长迹象。结果:34只眼睑(19例患者,随访≥4.5至≤12个月)的MGP后显像显示41.2MG生长。10只眼睑数据适合进行分析,显示平均个体腺体面积(MIGA)明显增加4.87%(P = 0.0145)(116个腺体)。 10个眼睑中的4个独立显示MIGA显着增加,范围从10.70%至21.13%(p <0.0001p = 0.0277p = 0.0292p = 0.0345),而6个不显着。在> 12个月和<25个月的随访期间,另外16个盖眼睑(9例患者)随访显示25%有MG生长迹象。三个眼睑分析显示,MIGA显着增加(33个腺体)11.19%(p = 0.0004)。三个眼睑中的两个独立地显示MIGA明显增加13.73%和20.00%(p = 0.0097p = 0.0001)。所有13个分析的眼睑(149个腺体)中,总共腺体面积显着增加6.38%(p = 0.0447),MIGA显着增加6.23%(p = 0.0003)。结论:红外线睑板腺成像显示,MGP与增加的MG组织面积和萎缩MGs的生长相关。 MGP通过自然孔口提供了睑板流出道的明确物理证明,并且可以通过直接机械性建立患者导管/孔口系统促进腺体生长。

PURPOSE:To investigate the impact of meibomian gland probing (MGP) on meibomian gland (MG) area from the upper lids of patients with obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (o-MGD).METHODS:Retrospective study comparing pre-MGP/post-MGP non-contact infrared meibography results in patients with o-MGD, viewing signs of MG growth within total measurement field.RESULTS:Post-MGP meibography of 34 lids (19 patients, 4.5 to 12 months' follow-up) showed 41.2% with MG growth. Ten lids had meibographies suitable for analysis, showing significant collective (116 glands) increase in mean individual glandular area (MIGA) of 4.87% (p=0.0145). Four of 10 lids independently showed significant increase in MIGA, ranging from 10.70% to 21.13% (p<0.0001, p=0.0277, p=0.0292, p=0.0345), while six did not.At >12 and <25 months' follow-up, 16 lids (9 additional patients) had follow-up showing 25% with signs of MG growth. Analysis of three lids showed a significant collective (33 glands) increase in MIGA of 11.19% (p=0.0004). Two of three lids independently showed significant increase in MIGA of 13.73% and 20.00% (p=0.0097, p=0.0001). Collectively, for all 13 analysed lids (149 glands), there was a significant increase of 6.38% in total glandular area (p=0.0447) and a significant increase of 6.23% in MIGA (p=0.0003).CONCLUSION:MGP was associated with increased MG tissue area and growth of atrophied MGs as viewed on meibography. MGP provides unequivocal physical proof of a patent meibum outflow tract through the natural orifice, and may promote glandular growth in part by direct mechanical establishment of a patent duct/orifice system.


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