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Hikichi, T.

期刊名称:The British journal of ophthalmology



摘要:目的:旨在评价抗VEGF(血管内皮生长因子)单药治疗息肉状脉络膜血管病变(PCV)的6年预后。方法:对66例新诊断,有症状,无治疗史的PCV患者的66只眼进行回顾性分析。所有患者均接受0.5mg玻璃体内雷珠单抗(IVR)注射治疗3个月,然后根据每月检查进行根据需要再次注射,直到首次IVR注射后3年。此后,继续进行3年抗VEGF单药治疗。结果:与基线BCVA0.34±0.37logMAR VA; 20/44 Snellen VA)相比,在第一次IVR注射后3个月,平均最佳矫正视力(BCVA)显着改善(p = 0.001)(最小分辨角对数为0.24±0.30logMARVA; 20/35 Snellen VA)。然而,改善VA回归到0.32±0.39 logMAR单位(20/42 Snellen VA),在3年时没有显着差异。该水平维持到6年结束(0.36±0.37logMAR单位; 20 / 46Snellen VA)。在6年期间每年的抗VEGF注射的平均数分别为5.6±2.4(包括最初的三次每月注射),3.3±2.2,3.3±2.9,3.6±3.2,3.5±2.93.3±2.7 6年内平均注射总次数为21.5±10.1。结论:结果强调了抗-VEGF治疗对保留视力的效果和抗-VEGF治疗的局限性----连续治疗需要延长随访期。

OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the 6-year outcomes of anti-VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) monotherapy for polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV).METHODS:The charts of 66 eyes of 66 patients with newly diagnosed, symptomatic, treatment-naive PCV were reviewed retrospectively. All patients were treated with 0.5 mg intravitreal ranibizumab (IVR) injections for 3 months followed by as-needed reinjections based on monthly examinations until 3 years after the first IVR injection. Thereafter, anti-VEGF monotherapy was continued for another 3 years.RESULTS:The mean best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) improved significantly (p=0.001) 3 months after the first IVR injection (0.24±0.30 logarithm of the nimum angle of resolution (logMAR) VA; 20/35 Snellen VA) compared with the baseline BCVA (0.34±0.37 logMAR VA; 20/44 Snellen VA). However, the improved VA returned to 0.32±0.39 logMAR unit (20/42 Snellen VA), which was not significantly different at 3 years. This level was maintained to the end of 6 years (0.36±0.37 logMAR unit; 20/46 Snellen VA). The mean numbers of anti-VEGF injections administered annually during 6 years were 5.6±2.4 (including the initial three monthly injections), 3.3±2.2, 3.3±2.9, 3.6±3.2, 3.5±2.9 and 3.3±2.7, respectively. The mean total number of injections during 6 years was 21.5±10.1.CONCLUSIONS:The results emphasised the efficacy of anti-VEGF therapy for preserving vision and the limitations of anti-VEGF therapy in that continuous treatment is required over an extended follow-up period.


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