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Lim, H.B., Lee, M.W., Kwak, B.S., Jo, Y.J., Kim, J.Y.




摘要:目的:旨在分析玻璃体切除术后黄斑区,神经节细胞内丛状层(GC-IPL)和视网膜周围神经纤维层(RNFL)厚度的纵向变化。方法:对38例诊断为人工晶状体(IOL)脱位而没有其他玻璃体视网膜疾病的患者进行研究。患者接受常规玻璃体切割术和经巩膜人工晶状体固定,并随访12个月。使用光谱域光学相干断层扫描,测量玻璃体切除眼和对侧眼黄斑,GC-IPL和周围RNFL的厚度。结果:光学相干断层扫描显示术后黄斑中心厚度与基线值比较无显着性差异。术后1个月平均GC-IPL厚度较基线增加(P = 0.038)。玻璃体切除术后1个月(P = 0.001)和3个月(P = 0.011),平均RNFL厚度较基线增加。 与对侧眼相比,研究眼术后1个月(P = 0.034)和1个月至3个月(P = 0.013)时,平均中心凹,GC-IPLRNFL厚度增加(P = 0.038)。结果:玻璃体切除术后1个月,玻璃体厚度和GC-IPL均有不同程度增加,术后RNFL厚度增加至术后3个月,之后恢复至术前水平。术前和术后眼压或视神经乳头参数无明显变化。

PURPOSE:To analyze longitudinal changes in the thicknesses of the macula, ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer (GC-IPL), and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) after vitrectomy.METHODS:Thirty-eight patients diagnosed with intraocular lens (IOL) dislocation without evidence of other vitreoretinal diseases were included. They underwent conventional vitrectomy and IOL transscleral fixation, with a follow-up of 12 months. Using spectral domain optical coherence tomography, the thicknesses of the macula, GC-IPL, and peripapillary RNFL in the vitrectomized and fellow control eyes were measured. Various optic nerve head parameters were also determined.RESULTS:Optical coherence tomography showed that there were no significant differences in postoperative central macular thickness compared with baseline values. The average GC-IPL thickness increased 1 month after surgery from baseline (P = 0.038). The average RNFL thickness increased from baseline at 1 month (P = 0.001) and 3 months (P = 0.011) after vitrectomy. The mean foveal, GC-IPL, and RNFL thicknesses of the study eyes compared with the fellow control eyes increased at 1 month (P = 0.034), 1 month (P = 0.048), and 1 month (P = 0.013) to 3 months (P = 0.038), respectively, after surgery. However, no significant differences were found in intraocular pressure or optic nerve head parameters between the study and fellow control eyes at 12 months after surgery.CONCLUSION:Transient increases in the thickness of the macula and GC-IPL were observed at 1 month after vitrectomy, and the postoperative RNFL thickness increased until 3 months after surgery, after which it returned to preoperative levels. There was no significant change in intraocular pressure or optic nerve head parameters before and after surgery.



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