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Barthelmes, D., Nguyen, V., Daien, V., et al.



阿柏 体腔 西普


摘要:目的:旨在报告使用阿柏西普治疗和扩展治疗(TE)方案治疗新生血管性年龄相关性黄斑变性的24个月预后。方法:这是一项数据库观察性研究,包括2012111日至2014131日期间,抗视网膜失明预后登记追踪的完成24个月阿柏西普TE方案单药治疗的新生血管性年龄相关黄斑变性患者。使用局部加权散点平滑曲线显示视力预后。主要观察指标为24个月时视力改变以及研究期间的注射次数。结果:通过回顾数据库确定的研究人群包括完成24个月阿柏西普随访的123例患者的136只眼。平均(SD)年龄77.27.0)岁,59%为女性。平均视力从基线时的61.420/60; SD 17.4)个字母增加到24个月时的67.420/45; SD 17.7)个字母(+6.0个字母[95%可信区间:3.3-8.5]; P < 0.001)。从基线至24个月,视力≥70个字母(20/40)眼比例增加(40-58%,P <0.001),视力≤35个字母眼比例(20/200)仍然相同(10; P = 0.547)。98%开始视力≥70个字母(20/40)的眼能够保持视力长达24个月。从治疗的第一年到第二年,完成24个月治疗眼的平均注射次数(7.8 [2.1]5.7 [2.6]; P <0.001)和随访次数(8.7 [1.7]6.5 [2.4]; P <0.001)分别下降。当60只未完成2年随访的合格眼数据以及14只转为雷珠单抗治疗眼数据被包括在最后的观察结果中时,基线视力平均变化为+5.6个字母(95%可信区间:3.3-7.7)。结论:这些数据表明,在常规临床实践中使用TE方案作为阿柏西普单独疗法眼可在减轻治疗和就诊负担的同时获得良好的视觉预后。

PURPOSE:To report 24-month outcomes of a treat and extend (T&E) regimen using aflibercept in eyes with neovascular age-related macular degeneration.METHODS:This was a database observational study that included treatment-naive eyes with neovascular age-related macular degeneration tracked by the Fight Retinal Blindness! outcome registry completing 24 months of sole monotherapy with aflibercept treatment under a T&E regimen between November 1, 2012 and January 31, 2014. Locally weighted scatterplot smoothing curves were used to display visual acuity outcomes. Main outcome measures were change in visual acuity at 24 months and number of injections and visits during the study period.RESULTS:The study population, identified by reviewing the database, consisted of 136 eyes from 123 patients completing 24 months of follow-up on aflibercept. Mean (SD) age was 77.2 (7.0) years, 59% were female. Mean visual acuity increased from 61.4 (20/60; SD 17.4) letters at baseline to 67.4 (20/45; SD 17.7) letters at 24 months (+6.0 letters [95% confidence interval: 3.3-8.5]; P < 0.001). From baseline to 24 months, the proportion of eyes with visual acuity 70 letters (20/40) increased (40%-58%, P < 0.001) and the proportion of eyes with visual acuity 35 letters (20/200) remained the same (10%; P = 0.547). Ninety-eight per cent of eyes starting with visual acuity 70 letters (20/40) were able to maintain this up to 24 months. From the first to the second year of treatment, the mean number of injections (7.8 [2.1] vs. 5.7 [2.6]; P < 0.001) and visits (8.7 [1.7] vs. 6.5 [2.4]; P < 0.001) decreased for eyes completing 24 months of treatment. When data from 60 eligible eyes that did not complete 2 years follow-up, along with 14 eyes that switched to ranibizumab, were included using last observation carried forward, the mean change in visual acuity from baseline was +5.6 letters (95% confidence interval: 3.3-7.7).CONCLUSION:These data indicate that eyes treated with aflibercept, as a sole therapy, in routine clinical practice with a T&E regimen can achieve good visual outcomes while decreasing the burden of treatments and clinic visits.


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