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上眼睑整容术的功能收益和患者满意度 - 客观和主观预后指标评估

Jacobsen, A.G., Brost, B., Vorum, H., Hargitai, J.

期刊名称:Acta Ophthalmologica



摘要:目的:旨在探讨符合丹麦卫生与医药管理局(Sundhedsstyrelsen)丹麦上眼睑指南标准的患者上眼睑整容术的功能收益和患者满意度。方法:上眼睑整容术前,后3个月, 进行以下检查(i)标准眼科检查;ii)使用普通照相机和Spectralis光学相干断层扫描仪红外照相机拍照;iii)使用Octopus 900上睑下垂检测仪测量上部视野。通过术前和术后检查,患者完成了关于眼睑功能和社会心理影响的调查问卷。结果:对45例患者的90只眼睑进行了研究,其中34名女性和11名男性。平均年龄为56.9岁(标准差:12.8)。右眼睑上眼睑皮褶和视轴之间距离的平均变化或边缘反射距离(MRD)(取决于哪一个最低)为1.6mmSD0.8mm)和左眼睑是1.2SD0.9mm)。右眼睑上部视野平均改善率为31.3%(SD21.4%),左眼为28.3%(SD24.9%)。研究发现术前皮肤皮褶到视轴/ MRD的距离与术前和术后视野之间存在统计学显着相关性。患者报告术后症状改善。所有受试者都对术后结果满意,如果再次做出选择,将再次接受手术。结论:符合丹麦上眼睑整容指南的患者在眼睑整容术后的功能和症状有明显改善。

PURPOSE:To investigate the functional benefits and patient satisfaction with upper blepharoplasty in patients meeting the Danish visitation guidelines for upper blepharoplasty from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen).METHODS:Before and 3 months after upper blepharoplasty, the following investigations were made: (i) a standard eye examination, (ii) photographic documentation with a normal camera and the infrared camera of a Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomograph and (iii) measurements of the upper visual fields using the blepharoptosis test of Octopus 900. Along with the pre- and postoperative examinations, the patients completed a questionnaire concerning the functional and psychosocial impact of their eyelids.RESULTS:Ninety eyelids of 45 patients were studied, 34 females and 11 males. The mean age was 56.9 years (SD: 12.8). The mean change in the distance between the upper eyelid skin fold and the visual axis or the marginal reflex distance (MRD), depending on which was lowest, was 1.6 mm (SD: 0.8 mm) for the right eyelids and 1.2 (SD: 0.9 mm) for the left eyelids. The mean improvement in the upper visual field was 31.3% points for the right eyelids (SD: 21.4% points) and 28.3% points for the left eyelids (SD: 24.9% points). A statistically significant correlation between the preoperative distance from skin fold to visual axis/MRD and the pre- and postoperative visual field was found. The patients reported an improvement in their symptoms postoperatively. All subjects were satisfied with the postoperative result and would undergo the surgery again if they had to make the choice again.CONCLUSION:Patients meeting the Danish visitation guidelines for upper blepharoplasty experience a measurable improvement in function and alleviation of symptoms after blepharoplasty.



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