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Acta Ophthalmologica


卷期:Fredriksson, A., Behndig, A.




摘要:目的:旨在探讨圆锥角膜和健康眼中央和近中央散光以及中心和测量区直径,并与3mm瞳孔中心测量区进行比较。方法:28KC患者的28只眼,基于Oculus Pentacam HR指标特定标准,选择颞下锥,并与健康对照眼匹配。平面(K1)和陡峭(K2)角膜曲率计读数从“总角膜屈光力”(TCRP)显示以及前后角膜散光显示(分别为ACAPCA)登记获取。以对角膜顶点和瞳孔为中心的16mm23mm 区以及8个中央旁3mm区计算并分析散焦能量矢量KP0KP45。结果:KC的散光一般较高。 KC中许多散光值在3mm瞳孔中心区和3mm6mm尖顶中心区之间不同。在对照中,除了PCA之外,没有观察到测量区域之间的相应差异。 KC0KP45的大小和方向在KC的中心测量值之间差异很大。结论:中心和测量区直径对KC的散光值有很大的影响。 评估KC散光时,应考虑以小瞳孔为中心的测量区。

PURPOSE:To investigate the central and paracentral astigmatism and the significance of centration and measurement zone diameter compared to a 3-mm pupil-centred measurement zone in keratoconus and in healthy eyes.METHODS:Twenty-eight right eyes from 28 KC patients with an inferotemporal cone were selected according to specified criteria based on Oculus Pentacam HR  measurements and were matched with healthy control eyes. The flat (K1) and steep (K2) keratometry readings were registered from the 'Total Corneal Refractive Power' (TCRP) display as well as the anterior and posterior corneal astigmatism displays (ACA and PCA, respectively). Astigmatic power vectors KP0 and KP45 were calculated and analysed for a 6-mm and two 3-mm zones centred on the corneal apex and the pupil, and for 8 paracentral 3-mm zones.RESULTS:The astigmatism was generally higher in KC. Many astigmatic values in KC differed between the 3-mm pupil-centred and the 3- and 6-mm apex-centred zones in KC. In the controls, no corresponding differences between measurement zones were seen, apart from PCA, which differed. The magnitude and direction of KP0 and KP45 varied greatly between the paracentral measurements in KC.CONCLUSION:Centration and measurement zone diameter have great impacts on the astigmatic values in KC. A small pupil-centred measurement zone should be considered when evaluating the astigmatism in KC.


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