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Guimares-Souza EM, Perche O, Morgans CW, et al.

期刊名称:Experimental Eye Research



脆性X智力低下蛋白(FMRP)是一种RNA结合蛋白,可调节突触蛋白质的合成,其功能由谷氨酸调节。视网膜是参与视力的第一结构,并使用谷氨酸将来自光的电磁信号转为电化学信号并传递给神经元。 以前曾在视网膜检出FMRP,但其定位尚未研究。在这项工作中,我们的目标是描述FMRP在视网膜的位置,以确定不同的暗或光暴露是否会改变视网膜FMRP的表达,并比较两种不同的物种,鼠和鸡。我们发现,FMRP mRNA和蛋白质均在视网膜中表达。通过免疫组化分析,我们发现,鼠和鸡的FMRP表达类似,主要定位于丛状层和内层视网膜。也有人指出,与在暗适应24小时后光暴露1小时的动物视网膜表达相比,24小时暗适应可下调FMRP。我们认为FMRP可能参与视网膜的生理,因为它的表达岁光暴露而变化。此外,FMRP的表达类型和调节似乎很保守,因为鼠和鸡相似。

Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) is a RNA-binding protein that modulates protein synthesis at the synapse and its function is regulated by glutamate. The retina is the first structure that participates in vision, and uses glutamate to transduce electromagnetic signals from light to electrochemical signals to neurons. FMRP has been previously detected in the retina, but its localization has not been studied yet. In this work, our objectives were to describe the localization of FMRP in the retina, to determine whether different exposure to dark or light stimulus alters FMRP expression in the retina, and to compare the pattern in two different species, the mouse and chick. We found that both FMRP mRNA and protein are expressed in the retina. By immunohistochemistry analysis we found that both mouse and chick present similar FMRP expression localized mainly in both plexiform layers and the inner retina. It was also observed that FMRP is down-regulated by 24h dark adaptation compared to its expression in the retina of animals that were exposed to light for 1h after 24h in the dark. We conclude that FMRP is likely to participate in retinal physiology, since its expression changes with light exposure. In addition, the expression pattern and regulation by light of FMRP seems well conserved since it was similar in both mouse and chick.


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